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    Health insurance market is expected to gain fast market growth in the forecast period of 2020 to 2027 in Europe,and plays a critical role in peoples’ lives.

    We haven’t heard the last of Covid yet, and the health insurance industry is going through a wide-ranging and deep-going transformation.

    Technology innovation, changing customer expectations, constant market regulations and other new trends are changing and reshaping the whole industry, and also demand fast reaction in order survive in dynamic and competitive business world.The future belongs to those who can see ahead and plan for it.

    Europe Health Insurance Innovation Congress 2022 offers you the perfect opportunity to engage in in-depth discussions with your peers, explore and uncover the changes in market regulations, product approvals, strategic decisions, product launches, geographic expansions, and technological innovations leading to what insurance means in a truly digital world in order to meet the needs of today's customers and an ever changing world.


    World health insurance development and innovation landscape Automated underwriting?and?real-time claims processing
    Europe health insurance: Policy, status, trends and prospects Distribution of insurance, super apps and embedded selling
    Health insurance in Europe during and post pandemic Latest tendencies and Effective tools for fraud management
    Moving from medical care to health management Data privacy and cyber security
    Managing network and developing healthcare–prevention of health problems Wearable devices: Benefits for insurance providers
    Unlocking the power of connected insurance Response to Covid-19:Innovative telehealth&telemedicine services
    Customer first: Providing accessible and better service Evolving the ecosystem and the journey to the cloud
    Rise of chronic diseases & mental illnesses and protection opportunities Build an open insurance ecosystem with APIs
    Digital health ecosystem:Digital journey to a new healthcare and health insurance era Big data and its availability: Business intelligence in action
    Cost crisis: Practices of cost containment Maximize the Values of Insurance Analytics and AI
    Health insurance products innovation Blockchain to make health insurance more seamless
    Risk management:Estimating risks with the help of new technologies Other topics...


    By Segment

      Life & General Insurance/Reinsurance Companies Governments/Regulators
      Health Associations Innovation Labs/Medical Institutions
      Hospitals International Aid Agencies /Emergency Evacuation Companies
      Healthcare Providers/Third Party Administrators Biotech/Pharma/Life Sciences
      Managed Care Service Providers Telehealth
      Big Data/Data Analytics AI/Machine Learning Providers
      Cloud Blockchain
      IoT/Wearables Cyber Security/Data Protection/Anti-Fraud
      IT/Software Providers Consultancies
      Law Firms Startups
      Startup Accelerators Others

    By Division

      CEO/CIO/CTO/CDO/COO/etc Strategy/Innovation/Operation/Transformation
      Business & Product Development Actuary & Pricing
      Marketing/Commercial Distribution
      Data Science/Technology/Information Risk Management
      Underwriting Medical Claims & Anti-Fraud
      Medical Channels Others


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