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      The outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 brought dramatic changes in the international business environment, escalating frictions in international relations and escalating legal risks for enterprises. Alarm bells that enterprises must attach importance to compliance development have been sounded repeatedly. In the new stage of economic globalization, compliance management is the source power and fundamental guarantee for the sustainable development of international enterprises. At present, various countries are strengthening compliance supervision by means of legislation and international cooperation. The Chinese government is also paying more and more attention to law-based governance of enterprises and compliance supervision. The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission has comprehensively promoted the compliance management of central enterprises. At present, all central enterprises have set up compliance committees. The SPP is also advancing the pilot reform of corporate compliance in an orderly manner, and taking the lead in promoting the establishment of a third-party supervision mechanism for corporate compliance at the national level. When carrying out global investment and trade activities, enterprises must abide by the rules and requirements of the global market to further enhance the competitiveness of international compliance operation and management.

      Anti-Corruption Compliance Forum 2021 is the most influential company compliance forum in Asia held by SZ&W Group .The forum will take the anti-corruption as the starting point and comprehensively discuss the experience and development of domestic and foreign enterprises in compliance management in the context of the international epidemic economy.More than 250 industry veterans and corporate compliance department heads as well as more than 150 well-known related corporations and associations will be invited to share opinions on the latest legal and policy interpretation, cross border business risk& compliance,corporate compliance system, third-party cooperation management and regulation technology and share successful compliance practices with mature companies to help creating a better business and market competitive environment in China.Forum aims to provide practical, innovative and comprehensive corporate compliance solutions for all attendees, so that all the participating companies can handle themselves in the new compliance era.


  • Authoritative interpretation of Law Countering Unfair Competition ,China Foreign Investment Law, Anti-Monopoly Law, Guiding
        Opinions on the Third Party Compliance Supervision and Evaluation Mechanism of the Enterprises Involved in the Case’
  • Authoritative interpretation of Data Security Law,Cyber security Law, Personal Information Protection Law,GDPR
  • Data Security--The Impact of Data Security Law,Personal Information Protection Law, GDPR on Enterprises in China
  • Latest case study of FCPA and UK Bribery Act
  • The impact of the intensifying Sino-US economic trade war on the compliance of Chinese enterprises
  • Inspiration of DOJ Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs Updated Guidance
  • Compliance risk management for cross-border business(Including export、overseas infrastructure business、cross-border mergers
         and acquisitions、cross-border e-commerce)
  • The latest progress of trial reform of SOE compliance
  • Compliance effectiveness: Difficulties and implementation in the construction of an anti-corruption compliance system
  • Practice sharing on establishing internal corporate compliance management system
  • Third-Party due diligence, the most profitable solutions
  • Case studies of third-party risk management in pharmaceutical enterprises
  • Case study: anti-corruption and internal investigations in internet company
  • Explore the challenges to traditional law enforcement and corporate compliance brought by new business forms such as platform
        economic and big data
  • Digitalization of compliance: Application of innovative technology in compliance management


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    Contacts: Steven Song | Mob: +86 159 0084 7496 | Tel: +86 021 58300710 | Email: stevensong@szwgroup.com

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